Background to EPM Production

EPM Production was founded in 1982 but its seeds were sown in the fertile soil of celluloid film and magnetic tape.

Ken Andrew, its principal partner, trained in film making and sound recording during the 1960s in a small film company, producing educational films and documentaries on 16mm for the Scottish Film Council and Educational Films of Scotland. His involvement with Park Film Studios in Glasgow and in particular Douglas Gray, its producer/director, opened a door to working with a bonanza of  Scottish cultural material and charismatic performers of the period giving him invaluable experience in all aspects of the art of film making.

Duncan MacraeSuch well remembered luminaries as Andrew Cruikshank, Duncan Macrae and Roddy MacMillan, to mention but a few, were regular contributors to audio and film productions in the studio in Glasgow. Many of these artistes were commissioned to make audio recordings for Park Film Studios sister company, Scottish Records. Highland VoyageToday, many of these recordings are regarded as classics, the most “notorious” of which is Duncan Macrae’s rendition of “ The Wee Cock Sparra” (left) and an album based on the exploits of Para Handy entitled “Highland Voyage”. (right)

Middle of the RoadKen’s experience in assisting in the recording and production of these and many other audio recordings produced by Park Film Studios stood him in good stead when he was unexpectedly catapulted into the international music scene as a member of a chart-topping Scottish pop band (left).

Recording in Rome, Madrid, Brussels and London gave him invaluable experience in the changes then taking place in technology in audio production in the 70s.

RunrigWith 4 years recording product for release in the international market, Ken set up a recording company to produce home grown material and was engineer and co-producer on Scottish Gaelic Rock Band Runrig’s first ever album. “Play Gaelic”. (right)

Electric Picture Machine Production was launched in 1982, named after a song Ken composed and recorded in 1974. Better known as EPM Production today, the company began producing programmes for organisations such as John Menzies, Livingston Development Corporation, Ferranti International and Scottish Gas. In fact, EPM was effectively the video department of Scottish Gas, prior to its privatisation and produced a wealth of programmes, winning national and international awards.

Technically, EPM has progressed from Umatic Tape through Betacam to the latest HD technology and is now fully equipped with cameras and edit suites, capable of producing the high quality picture and sound demanded by today’s ever changing production standards.

Creatively EPM brings the stability of the past and the innovation of the present together, to produce effective programmes for your future.

Joined in 1988 by Erica Keiller, a BA graduate in photography, EPM has successfully produced educational material for London Underground, JMW Consultants Inc. (USA), Smails Printing Works, Innerleithen, (NTS), a corporate video profile for Scottish Oil Company Pittencrief PLC and promotional material for the City of Edinburgh Council.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo DVDMost notably, EPM has worked closely with the Edinburgh Tattoo since 1995 producing promotional material including cinema and TV commercials and since 2003 has produced and designed its highly popular annual DVD.